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December Classes and Workshops

8-Hour Anger Management Level I Class
Saturday, December 5th
9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Tuition: $120
Location: Boston

8-Hour Anger Management Level II Class
Saturday, December 19th
9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Tuition: $120
Location: AMA Classroom, Framingham

(Dates of 2016 Classes to be determined.)

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• Anger Management Classes:
   • 8 Hour Level I Class
   • 16 Hour Level II Class
   • 10-Week Tuesday Eve. Group

• Couples Compassionate
   Relationship Weekned Workshop

• Nonjudgmental, effective,
   activity-based programs that
   honor individual learning styles

• Classes are appropriate and
   effective for anyone who wants
   to learn how to work with their
   emotions better

• Receive your Certificate of
   Completion immediately at
   the end of your class that is
   accepted by the courts

• Our 17th year of helping
put their best self forward

• Private Classes can be arranged
   organizations and businesses

• Call 508-808-5696 for a
   Free Phone Consultation

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   this website with PayPal

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Why We Have Anger ...

Today, we as a society, are experiencing ever-increasing stress in our lives due to demands of our jobs, family situations and economic conditions. The ability to maintain composure during these times, and avoid inappropriate expressions of anger, is a crucial skill to living a healthy, happy life.

There are many reasons why anger may be manifesting within us. These include:
• things not going the way we want them to
• feeling we are not treated fairly
• someone doing something unkind or abusive to us
• not feeling respected for who we are by others
• learning as a child within our family that using anger and rage
  to get what we wanted was normal behavior.

However, none of the reasons above can ever be used as rationalization for outbursts of unsafe anger and rage. And with new, tougher assault and domestic violence laws now in force, it’s more important now than ever for everyone to take responsibility for their behavior.

Our Programs

Anger Management Associates (AMA) is dedicated to helping people whose current ways of expressing anger are resulting in problems within their family and workplace relationships as well as in public places. Our goal is to help individuals master emotional control skills for living happier, more peaceful and successful lives. AMA has been offering effective anger management classes and individual counseling for more than 8 years.

We provide not only training, but opportunities to practice skills both in class and outside in every day living. AMA classes are taught by a certified anger management instructor and are accepted by the court systems in the State of Washington.  Participants receive a "certificate of completion" at the completion of each class.

Through our Free Phone Consultation, AMA will help you select the best program for your needs. Private follow-up skill-building support on an as-needed basis is always available for students who complete our classes or groups. Whichever approach you take, AMA will help you learn to be in emotional control and make positive changes that you and others will recognize.

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